Achieve your goals with Steplist.


July 23, 2023  Steplist
"ver 1.0.3" Updated data loading interface

July 2, 2023  Steplist
"ver 1.0.2" Updated data loading interface

Jan 1, 2023  Steplist
"ver 1.0.1" updated interface

Nov 27, 2022  Steplist
Broadcast on the Japanese TV program "Eejanaika"

Steplist is recommended for :

Those who have things they want to do.
Those who want a chance to start.
Those who have goals they want to achieve.
Those who want to create a wish list.
Those who are tired of "Must to do".
Those who want to share their success with others.

Steplist supports your "want to do".

Feature 1: List what you want to do!

Let's list what you want to do now.
Steplist will be a good opportunity to start doing things you've always wanted to do, or things you haven't been able to do.
What do you want to do?
For example…
  • I want to spend a fulfilling weekend
  • I want to find my favorite restaurant
  • I want to read a book this month
  • I want to start jogging
  • etc…
  • Now is the time to start!

    Feature 2: Simple and easy to use

    Rules are very simple and easy. Start by breaking down your goal into small steps that are easier to reach.
    And there are only 3 things to do.

  • Enter the title of the goal.
  • Break down the steps to reach easier, lower the hurdles one by one, and achieve it.
  • If you keep doing this... you'll reach your goal! Congratulations!!
  • Let's achieve big goals by stacking small steps!

    Feature 3: Share your goals

    When you reach your goals, why not share your achieved list?
    Your achieved list (goal recipe) will surely encourage other users.
    Doesn't it make you happier when you share your happiness with someone else?
    I look forward to your "goal recipe".


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